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USB is everywhere. Originally designed for connecting peripherals to desktop computers, USB is now in tens of billions of devices worldwide. It is one of the top requested features for everything from consumer electronics to cars, airplane seats and connected homes.

USB just works and that is no coincidence. More than 800 companies from around the globe are dedicated to the technology as members of a non-profit trade association called USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). Next time you are shopping for products that feature USB, look for the USB-IF certified logos.

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USB Single Cable Solution





New devices, media formats and other user applications are demanding a higher performance connection between PCs and increasingly sophisticated peripherals. SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps (USB 3.1) boosts USB performance for storage, display and docking applications up to 10 Gbps enabling consumers to move content across devices quickly and conveniently. SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps can support… Read More






USB has become a ubiquitous power provider for cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices but the need for power has grown beyond current USB capabilities. The USB Power Delivery Specification (USB PD) provides more flexibility for power along with data over a single cable. Device manufacturers can choose to enable higher voltage and current… Read More







The USB Type-C™ cable and connector specification is the result of cross-industry collaboration with companies from mobile, PC and other industries working together to design the next generation USB connector for an entirely new class of devices and platforms. USB Type-C™ is slim, robust and reversible and capable of supporting a range of USB… Read More